Brown Boy White Boy is John Zakoor and Michael McCarthy, two among the peasant population of the Great Lakes State. The two joined forces not merely for the sake of combining musical ideas they had accumulated over the past 5 years. Their collaboration was one birthed from impatience… yes, that’s right - impatience. After waiting years for Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello of the electronic duo “The Postal Service” to rejoin forces and release a follow up album to “Give Up” …Michael and John finally took Ben and Jimmy’s advice and gave up. They decided to embark on a journey of their own taking the Postal Service’s ideas to the next level. Combining sampled 8-bit synths from Nintendo’s ® beloved NES ®, electronic beats, and emotionally-charged vocals, their debut album “End It” offers a new fresh sound while still providing a familiar, warm, nostalgic feeling. Wait no longer for some amazing, original, fresh, synth-pop music to hit the scene - Brown Boy White Boy has arrived.